Does the Taylor Denture Clinic accept insurance?

March 21, 2017 by rmoynes0

We readily accept insurance for those who are eligible! All of our insurance codes are standardized and recognized by all major insurance companies. However, we do ask that you advise us at your earliest appointment if you have insurance eligibility; doing this helps us follow proper procedures to ensure a smooth, stress-free process and optimal coverage. Please note that most insurance companies require a formal estimate for any work over $500.00.
Your insurance company will specify directly and only with you what portion of our cost for services will be covered via an “explanation of benefits.” From this point onward, we are here and happy to help! If you are unsure of your entitlements or wish to learn more about the process of filing a claim, don’t hesitate to give us a call. After 30+ years in the industry, there is very little we can’t answer when it comes to dental insurance in Saskatchewan.

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